Online Qigong course – the 8 Exceptional Vessels

Sanbao Taij & Qigong  have created their first online Qigong course and have hosted them at Udemy.  There are previews available for each of the online Qigong course, allowing you to get a better idea of what each course has to offer.  Occasionally, we will be providing discount codes for our courses and these will be found at the bottom of each course description.

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The Eight Exceptional Vessels Qigong

Working with the Qi of the Extraordinary Meridians

Coupon code (£10.00 discount – expires 31/3/2017) 09MMH45_7_G2

What Will I Learn?

  • Create a quiet body/mind by using Wuji stance.
  • Practice three Qigong exercises that work specifically with the Extraordinary Meridians, the Exceptional Vessels.


  • No previous knowledge of Qigong required. This course is suitable for all levels.

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DescriptionOnline qigong course - eight exceptional vessels qigong

These Qigong exercises work with the Qi that is stored in the Eight Exceptional Vessels (aka the Extraordinary Meridians). These vessels are often likened to reservoirs that store Qi and blood while the Meridians can be likened to rivers that carry the Qi.

As well as using the Yi (that is the brain), the eyes and the breath to guide the Qi, these exercises also make use of the Master Points and the Coupled Points.

The quality, essence, of the Qi of the Exceptional Vessels is tangibly different to that of the Twelve Meridians. These exercises will open out an opportunity for you to experience this for yourself.

You can preview the course at Udemy

Cost: £60.00
Coupon code (£10.00 discount – expires 31/3/2017) 09MMH45_7_G2

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