Sotai a truly complementary system


sotaiSotai was developed, in Japan, by Doctor Keizo Hashimoto (1897–1993).  It is a form of muscle/movement therapy where the muscles are enticed into regaining their full range of movement through relaxation rather than stretching.  Dr. Hashimoto developed his treatment mode in a way that natural body alignment is achieved by moving towards comfort (using the principal of the easy motion barrier) rather than by trying to stretch the muscle, towards pain.  Sotai was developed from Dr. Hashimoto’s knowledge of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Western Medicine.


Sotai re-educates the muscles

It is a truly complementary system that re-educates the muscles, breaking any holding patterns and allowing new, natural and harmonious, pattern to take their place. Rather that fighting with the muscle and trying to stretch it, Sotai uses post-isometric relaxation to facilitate the opening of the muscle and normalising the strained contraction/condition.

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