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Welcome to Holistic Pages, the Complementary Therapies Information Repository.  We hope that you enjoy using the site and find the facilities and information useful.

In light of the new Advertising Standards Authority ruling regarding Complementary Medicine, it appears that the ASA has been received complaints regarding the claims of efficacy that were posted on therapist’s websites.   It is unclear, at this point in time, whether or not these complaints are part of an organised attack on Complementary Medicine but they are having a major impact on the dissemination of information about these therapies.  While we agree that erroneous and unsubstantiated claims should not be made, it appears that a very large hammer is being used to crack a rather small nut.  At this juncture, there are 500 Chiropractors who are currently under the scrutiny of the Advertising Standards Authority, others have been there before them and who knows what therapy will be targeted next.

Holistic-Pages.com provides a platform for therapists to link to for information regarding their own therapy, the efficacy of that therapy, etc. without that information being branded as “advertising”.  The service is free so link up to and add to Holistic-Pages before the ASA gets around to inspecting your website.

For therapists, we have the following:

  • Free membership.
  • The ability to add your own thoughts and information about the therapies you practice and the healing qualities that they have.
  • The ability to link, to your own website, lots of information about the therapies you practice and the healing qualities that they have.
  • The knowledge that this is an information portal and not an advertising site.
  • A monthly newsletter that you can contribute to, to get your own message across.

For browsers seeking information, we have:

  • Information on a broad spectrum of Holistic and Complementary Therapies.
  • Information on ailments and illnesses, and which type of Holistic and Complementary Therapies can be used to treat them.
  • All the information has been supplied by therapists who are experts in their field.


The site is young and full of enthusiasm and we hope that all those who join us will benefit and add to the growth of our online community.





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