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Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is rapidly gaining recognition as a major player in the field of complementary medicine.  Because of their regular structure, crystals can carry and amplify energy and it is this similarity to the crystalline structures in our own bodies that makes them an excellent tool for healing.


Historical Context of Crystal Therapy

For thousands of years crystals have been used for adornment, protection and healing. Jet and amber have been found in Stone Age deposits and the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were accompanied to the next world by gemstones. Breastplates, talismans and amulets of stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, ruby and carnelian were worn by High Priests to protect them from harm. In the Middle Ages, healer-nuns prepared gem elixirs and used crystals as healing stones to aid recovery from physical conditions. Traditional Chinese medicine has long recognised and still uses the healing power of crystals in its prescriptions and formulas. Today, crystals are still used throughout industry to store and focus energy. Quartz crystals control computers, emit radio waves, power watches and lighters and are used in space technology.

Crystal formation

Crystals are formed from minerals, which occur in different types of rock – igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. The type of rock in which a crystal is formed will influence its shape and structure, and also its physical and vibrational healing properties.

Working with crystals

Crystals work by acting on the energy fields that surround the body – the aura. Their energy interacts with these fields of energy to correct any imbalances and restore a state of harmony and balance. They also work through the chakras – the main energy points that link the physical body with the energy fields surrounding it.

Crystal Healing – a holistic approach

Crystals have the power to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by rebalancing energy to correct dis-ease. They act on the subtle electromagnetic bodies that surround our physical body, and also on our energy centres – the chakras.

Crystals deal with causes not symptoms. They are holistic because they work on all levels simultaneously to create balance and wholeness.

Dis-ease occurs when our state of balance reaches extremes which our physical body is unable to correct. Our dis-ease or illness serves as a messenger to tell us that our body is out of balance, and we need to take action to restore balance and become ‘at ease’ again.

A trained crystal therapist is able to detect energy imbalances in the human energy field, then select and use appropriate crystals to re-align the energy of the human body, gently restoring balance, harmony and well-being.