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Can Crystal Healing Help

Can Crystal Healing Help?

crystal healing - crystals

Crystal healing is the placement of crystals over the chakras and subtle energy centres of the body. During treatment, the practitioner will choose what crystals they deem best suited for the client utilising its energy healing qualities for their specific needs. Crystal healing has the ability to clear and remove energy blocks within the aura that cause physical and emotional distress, helping to deal with past trauma, phobias, addictions, etc.

According to practitioners of Crystal Therapy, each Crystal has its own healing qualities and although they can be used individually it is more common for a combination of crystals to be used. Some examples of the healing qualities are: –

Carnelian: 2nd chakra. Helps asthma, and blood pressure. And affects the circulatory system, kidneys, stimulate appetite, emotions, sexuality, physical energy, celebration, reproductive system, menstrual cramps, arthritis, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas. Confidence, assertiveness, drive, Balance creativity and mental processes.

Emerald: 4th to 7th chakra. Lifts depression and relieves insomnia. Has a tranquillising effect on the heart (emotions). Respiratory system, heart, lymph nodes, blood, thymus, balance blood sugar, childbirth, eyesight. Strengthen heart chakra for growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, and honesty.

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Crystal healing - crystals

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