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Chiropractic and N.E.T.

Chiropractic and N.E.T.

Chiropractic is a primary healthcare discipline, which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs and surgery.  The focus of chiropractic is on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects health. It has been used in many countries throughout the world for over 100 years to alleviate back pain and a variety of other conditions including digestive and menstrual disorders, headaches and even colic in young children. One of the most exciting techniques in chiropractic is a new system called Neuro Emotional Technique or NET.

The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. What this basically means is that health is a balance between our structural, chemical and emotional sides. NET allows us to address the emotional aspect to this triad of health in a simple and extremely effective way.

Crucial to an understanding of NET is that its emotions are physiologically, not just psychologically based. A part of the brain called the limbic system responds by releasing combinations of proteins called neuropeptides whenever we experience an emotion and these affect every cell in the body.  Normally, the body processes this neuropeptide release effectively, but at times of lowered resistance, such as when ill or under lots of different stresses or severe stress it is unable to do this effectively.  This results in the body locking onto the response to that emotion and often replaying and responding to it again in a negative fashion. Ultimately this can affect the function of the cells and cause symptoms.

Neuro Emotional Complexes or NECs are physiological manifestations of a trapped, negative emotion that can prevent healing. NET practitioners use muscle testing and kinesiology to isolate these troubled emotional events, then ask the patient to hold a “snapshot” in their mind of this emotional state whilst lightly adjusting their spine and relevant acupressure points. On occasions homeopathic remedies or nutritional support may also be required in order to support the treatment, hence all three arms of the health triad are addressed in order to deal with whatever structural problem has arisen. An example of this is the chronic pain patient who seems to try a variety of different therapies and gets good results but then seems to fall back into their symptom pattern again. Unless the emotional aspect of the patient’s problem is addressed then the chronic pain will continue to prevail.

Another exciting development in NET is NEAT or Neuro Emotional Anti-Sabotage Technique. NEAT attempts to deal once again with emotional traumas which have locked within our body and prevent us from achieving certain goals in our life.

Much of the theory for this technique originates in the early experiments conducted by Ivan Pavlov. In this experiment, Pavlov gave his dog a piece of meat. The dog’s normal response of salivation was observed. The same procedure was repeated while a bell was rung. After repeated trials the dog was observed to salivate solely in response to the sound of the bell. This became known as a “conditioned response”.

In a similar way, we too have conditioned emotional and physiological responses at times of stress. A simple example of this may be a young boy who goes to his doctor when he is sick to get an injection. The injection hurts or may be overly traumatic for the young boy but after a couple of days he has forgotten about it. This same boy twenty years on may want to go to his doctor for a simple complaint but has a panic attack on going into the doctor’s surgery for no apparent reason. Hence we can find a conditioned response from many years ago creating a physiological response that does not allow this person to achieve their goal.  NEAT in this case can be used to find the original traumatic emotional event, correct it and therefore dissipate the physiological response of this person and so allow them to do what they want to do.

Hence in NET we have a technique which allows us to address the emotional, chemical and structural aspects of our health in a very simple and exciting way. Already scientific studies have demonstrated its viability with hypercholesterolemic and phobic subjects, with further research being conducted into emotions and muscle testing correlations in America at present.

One Patient’s Experience:

In 2003, Mhairi* was an extremely healthy 20 year old, working full time and attending aerobics three times a week.  In the winter of that year, everything fell apart.  Mhairi was hit by a severe flu, which she just couldn’t shake.  After many tests, Mhairi was diagnosed with M.E. and clinical depression and was housebound for three years.  Mhairi’s home life was particularly difficult with a father that was extremely domineering and aggressive.  In 2006, Mhairi entered a remission period and undertook a university degree, graduating with honours in 2010.  However, even during this period, Mhairi always felt she was ‘running on fumes’.

One of Mhairi’s main concerns with her illness was that her periods had stopped with her initial flu and had never returned.  Mhairi’s doctor assured her not to worry about this until she wanted to start a family. But after seven years without a cycle, Mhairi insisted on a bone density scan, which showed her to be osteoporotic.  Mhairi was upset and the only treatment offered to her was to take the Pill, which she was reluctant to do due to her already struggling immune system.  The six months on the Pill were dreadful and Mhairi knew she was relapsing again.  Mhairi pushed herself to the limit to complete University, but felt extremely isolated having to deal with her crippling illness and finding no support for the severe symptoms she was experiencing.

Mhairi started work soon after graduating, but had to stop soon after due to her symptoms worsening and was once again housebound.  Mhairi was living at home under very stressful family circumstances, to the point where she had to move out due to the negative effect on her illness.  She had to register as homeless at this time, but finally was referred to a homeopathic clinic for help with her M.E.  A severe wheat allergy was identified and Mhairi was prescribed progesterone and undertook a wheat free diet.  She began menstruating again.

She then started to attend a chiropractor for the chronic migraines, headaches and blackouts she had been suffering from for several years.  Given the history of stress as well as symptoms, the chiropractor discussed NET with Mhairi and, using this technique, her headaches and back pain disappeared, she began to regain her energy.  The treatment helped her to recognize how stress affected her symptoms and deal with this more effectively, but more importantly, helped to break the cycle of the body responding to certain stresses with pain and fatigue.

At this point, Mhairi is preparing to return to her career and rebuild a fulfilling personal life and she attributes much of this change to the NET.

*(Identity has been changed)