Treatment for Anxiety

Treatment for Anxiety

There are a number of holistic, natural, treatments available for Anxiety. Here are some of them:

Complementary Treatment Options


Shiatsu creates a feeling of wellbeing and comfort.  It can improve vitality and stamina……….. both physical and emotional.  During a Shiatsu treatment, the receiver becomes more relaxed and achieves that “feelgood factor” as the stimulation of the acupuncture points helps release endorphins (natural pain relievers, released by the body, that can induce a natural high).  During a course of treatment, this feelgood factor becomes cumulative and can extend further into daily life.

It can be difficult to take that first step away from anxiety, not knowing what direction to step.  With Shiatsu you can, once again, recognise what relaxation and wellbeing feels like.  Through this recognition you have taken the first step and your direction is set.


  • Taking calcium (1,000 mg a day) and magnesium (500 mg a day) as a supplement to
    your diet.
  • B complex (50 to 100 mg a day, best in the morning) to decrease stress effects.
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol.
  • Increase consumption of fresh vegetables and whole grains.
  • St. John’s Wort helps with both depression and anxiety.


Allopathic Treatment Options

A number of medications that were originally developed for treating depression have been found to be effective for anxiety disorders. Some of the newest of these antidepressants are called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Other anti-anxiety medications include groups of drugs called benzodiazepines and beta-blockers.

Two clinically-proven effective forms of psychotherapy used to treat anxiety disorders are behavioural therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy. In behavioural therapy, the focus is on changing specific actions and uses several techniques to stop unwanted behaviours. In addition to the behavioural therapy techniques, cognitive-behavioural therapy teaches patients to understand and change their thinking patterns so they
can react differently to any of the situations that trigger anxiety.

One thought on “Treatment for Anxiety”

  1. Very interesting site and so much I totally agree and do practicing for 40 years now.
    I also totally support the holistic approach – as many as possible angels should be in place, to understand the underlaying Cause of every symptom.
    I got a different and more positive angle on Shiatsu und will explore this the next years.

    Then I did, what i always do, when somebody announced he or she can treat any symptom – physical and mental with the same tool, education or pill.
    I did look at Anxiety to start with A.
    And there the holistic approach totally stops – something like “we do not know or fully understand”… and on the next page the allopathic medicin getting a place it absolutely do not deserve. SSRI’s !!! Really ??? I work in public healthcare – particular in the psychiatric hospitals for decades. There is still not one single pill who can go thru our stomach and our digestive complex to enter somewhere along this long road the bloodstream – flow with the blood all over our entire body and miraculously can find by it selv the picture or sound in our brain, who is responsible for the feeling of anxiety. No pill is that clever. When we look at a beautiful tree and close our eyes and imagine the same tree. No one in the entire world is able to find this image. It does not even show it on two of the same places when open the eyes and close them again. And its different with evert person. How can anyone thing a dumb pill can find this image.
    There are always some images or sounds, smells or tast to create a feeling.
    And behavioural therapy or cognitive-behavioural therapy has no clue about this. This is stuff from the 30s and 40s and 50s. We know so much more today – also in Psychotherapy we have holistic approaches. You only don’t know about it.

    Especially here is a holistic approach necessary. The Body Mind connection from the East, understanding our Body – the Symptoms and Cause is in many cases much better with TCM and other important knowledge from Asia. You have so many exiting directions, explanations for our body. From Shiatsu, QiGong TaiChi to Feldenkreis and so much more. Why do you trust the worst of all pills we humans have developed: SSRI? It s described by our patients like having a glowing hot iron bar inside your heart and along your spine. The have some anxiety and ending screaming all the day long like animals in a slaughterhouse after some weeks…. This doctors and CEO’s of some medicin companies should IMO came on the electric chair like war criminals.

    The Mind is much better explored by modern humanistic Psychology from the 70s to 3th generation in 2014 and this pills are absolutely not necessary for anxiety anymore.

    Often do lack of minerals to produce building blocks for braincells also give similar symptoms. “Let the food be our medicine” did Hippokrates know for over 2000 years.
    A holistic approach also in Psychiatry is more then necessary in 2014.


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