Treatment for Tinnitus

Treatment for Tinnitus – Complementary Treatment Options

There are a number of natural and holistic methods used in the treatment for tinnitus.


Shiatsu is a Complementary form of therapy that was developed in Japan from a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Japanese massage system of Amna.  Shiatsu can also be used as a form of a self-treatment.  However, the best benefits are received when treatment is carried out by a fully qualified and experienced practitioner.

It is applied by lightly massaging certain points (acupuncture points), that may be associated with the symptoms or cause of the underlying ailment, using pressure that is applied by the fingers, elbows, or even the knees.  The literal translation of Shiatsu is “finger pressure“.  Through this stimulation, the flow of energy (ki) is restored and balanced.

Shiatsu can also, through its ability to help the receiver to relax, produce positive effects in tinnitus related ailments such as:

• Vulnerability to stress
• Improvement of sleep patterns and alleviation of sleep disorders
• Alleviation of any accompanying symptoms

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Allopathic Treatment Options

Any underlying disorder is treated, if possible.  Many sufferers make use of
radio, television, headphones, etc to block out the noise in their ears. The use of headphones to play white noise (a random mixture of sounds) is often found to be effective.

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